So Easy MicroPython — ESP8266/ESP32 MCU File Management

Step 1: Install ampy

  • pip install adafruit-ampy

Step 2: Verify ampy

  • ampy — help

Step 3: Upload your file to MCU

  • ampy —port {your device port} put {path/}

As your coding done, confirm your board and port first, plug-in your MCU, then you are ready to upload your file, just using the commands above.

For example, if the serial port of your MCU is /dev/cu.usbserial-11440, and want to upload a file called onto current directory.

Then, the command will be :

ampy — port /dev/cu.usbserial-11440 put

Step 4: Check your file on MCU

  • ampy — port {your device port} ls

Step 5: Execute the file

  • ampy — port /dev/cu.usbserial-11440 run {path/}

*** If the file is either or, it will be run automatically after start-up. So, you just need to press the RST button to reboot it. ***

Step 6: Other commands

  • Download file: ampy — port {your device port} get {path/} {local driver path/}
  • Remove file: ampy — port {your device port} rm {path/}
  • Create directory: ampy — port {your device port} mkdir xxx
  • Remove directory: ampy — port {your device port} rmdir xxx
  • Reboot: ampy — port {your device port} reset

That’s all, so easy right ? Hope this helps !

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